Studio Tour

  • This is a wrap around cyc-wall. Its 28' wide, 17' front to back, the ceiling is 16'. The floor to wall radius is 36". The corner radius is 60" that gives the photographer a relatively invisible corner so that a super wide lens can be used. The studio also boasts a 48" on center lighting grid and a ceiling hung projection trolly with adjustable height.
  • Wiz Khalifa in studio 2015.
  • Lounge Area: The spacious lounge area is adjacent to the studio equipped with a compact refrigerator and microwave. The stairs lead up to the viewing room, wardrobe/makeup and bathroom.
  • Equipment Rental: While this photo shows most of the available equipment for rent, there is an assortment of 30 hot lights available (not shown). A detailed list of all equipment is available upon request.
  • Viewing Room: The viewing room overlooks the studio with windows that open and enable shooting from a high vantage point. This is a quiet space to have meetings or retreat while a shoot takes place below. The dressing/bathroom and wardrobe/makeup room are adjacent to the viewing room.
  • The cyc-wall is 28' wide, 17' feet from front to back and has a 16' ceiling. The 20' wide garage door opens to the street for easy load in. There is a 20'x4' transom above garage door with a blackout curtain.
  • There is a 48"on center lighting grid above cyc-wall. A projector trolly is mounted to a track on the ceiling.